Tramadol from Germany Online

Tramadol was invented in Germany. This country is the birthplace for this well-known medication that helps to treat moderately severe and moderate pain. The German pharmaceutical company Grunenthal GmbH discovered Tramadol back in 1962. At first, this medication was marketed as Tramal and available in Germany only. Then the medication appeared in U.S., UK, Australia and other countries. Today, nearly 54 years later, patients know it as Tramadol. Over 70 million prescriptions were issued since 1962 and the company’s turnover increased to over $1 billion. Since then,Grunenthal’s motto states “Your reliable partner in pain treatment.”

Tramadol from German company Grunenthal is the classic medication recipe from Dr. Kurt Flick. Does German Tramadol differ from the U.S. Tramadol, for example? Let’s think. You probably know that U.S. Coca-Cola is the best drink in the world – and the pharmacist’s family who invented it keeps its original recipe in secret. This could also mean that the best Tramadol in the world comes from Germany because it is made in the laboratories that belong to the company that was first to synthesize it.

Why Does Tramadol Need Adrenaline?

Tramadol increases the serotonin and adrenaline in your brain. The serotonin produces euphoria that is required for pain suppressing. The adrenaline is a hormone that gives you excitement. Why do you need Adrenalin?

Well, you probably know that our body produces Adrenalin in times of danger and other unexpected situations. For example, when you are fighting you are producing Adrenaline, the stress hormone secreted from your adrenal glands on the kidneys as well as released from the brain. Your central nervous system together with pituitary gland also produces Endorphins, the endogenous opioid neuropeptides that makes you stop noticing and paying attention to pain.

Can Tramadol Treat Heartbreak?

Heartbreak is a big emotional pain that is not caused by physical injuries. The sensation of heartbreak is tangible and can lead to severe pain and negative emotions. Tramadol is a well-known painkiller. Can it really help you treat emotional pain? Yes, itsurely can.

Heartbreak is depression and Tramadol is famous for its antidepressant properties. Tramadol is a psychoactive medication that has a big impact on themind and mental pain is mainly the product of your mind. Tramadol releases serotonin which is the hormone of happiness thus people who suffer from depression can pay attention to this medication even though officially Tramadol is intended for treating physical pain only.

Does Tramadol Release Euphoria When You Are in Pain?

The pain and Euphoria are two opposites. If you are in pain your body releases no Euphoria – and vice versa. Tramadol does give you the sense of Euphoria. However will you feel happy? This depends on the pain you suffer from and amount of pills you have taken. If your pain is severe – the Euphoria effect will inhibit your pain. Patients who are in no pain and take Tramadol ‘just for fun’ will feel Euphoria because there is nothing else to treat. All the extra energy will be building the real feeling of intense excitement and happiness.

Is It Possible to Buy Tramadol Without Prescription?

Ever since the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] scheduled Tramadol as a controlled substance in the U.S. – it became much harder to buy this medicine without the prescription. Most sites that sell Tramadol without prescription are based overseas. In other words, the pills are shipped from abroad. If Americans or U.S. visitors purchase Tramadol without prescription online – there are many chances that the U.S. Customs would simply block the entry of the pills and return the package to sender. The FDA will notify the sellerin this case and confirm that the medication is being returned.